Website Testing Guideline

Northern Territory Government websites must be fully tested prior to deployment.

Key information

This is the current version of the statement as at 31/08/2021.
Previous versions can be accessed here.

The website testing template must be completed after a website has been developed.

Web Testing Guideline Intent

Government websites are to be quality tested prior to publication to ensure a positive experience for citizens and our stakeholders and to ensure a suitable level of quality has been used in development.

Download the template

Website testing guideline template DOCX (69.3 KB)

The template is in Microsoft Word for easy completion. Please ensure detailed notes are made for any tests that do not pass.

The most critical browsers to test are:

  • Edge
  • Chrome
  • Safari

This is based on browser popularity from data captured about most NT Government websites.

Testing submission

  • Upon successful development the testing template can be completed.
  • Completed templates can be submitted to DCDD Digital Communications. Please note in your message the website url and contacts for the client and the developer.
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