Digital Territory Strategy

A plan that will enable Territorians to get the most out of the digital opportunities and challenges.


People across all parts of the Northern Territory, in all age groups and circumstances, are being influenced by the changes that digital technology is bringing to our lives. The Digital Territory Strategy maps out a plan that will enable Territorians to get the most out of the digital opportunities and challenges now and into the future.

Leveraging the opportunities of the digital age is critical to delivering better government services, connecting communities and remaining competitive in the global economy.

Through this first-ever Digital Territory Strategy, the government has a strong focus on:

  • helping local business to grow, upskill and create more jobs
  • supporting children to thrive, be safe and have strong foundations for a bright future
  • connecting, creating and supporting safe, sustainable and vibrant communities
  • strengthening the delivery and reliability of services in the bush
  • improving accountability, inclusion and ingenuity.

The strategy positions Territorians to actively participate in digital transformation and global economic opportunities by embedding robust digital foundations and fostering a digital smart approach.

The 'can-do' attitude of Territorians along with our history of independence and innovation means we are well placed to make the most of digital advancement opportunities. Smart use of modern technology and tools will allow us to create new products and services that motivate, inspire and help us overcome our unique challenges. The NT digital industry has already delivered innovations that stand tall on a local and national level. Two prime examples are:

  • EnviroSys, a leading environmental data management system and 2017 national export award winner developed by SRA Information Technology, and
  • the award-winning mobile phone hotspot invented by the Centre for Appropriate Technology Ltd which extends mobile phone coverage in remote locations.

The local digital industry has a lead role to foster innovation and drive digital progress and maturity across the NT economy. Government has a key supporting role to help encourage and facilitate this innovative spirit through programs, services, advice and appropriate policy settings.

The strategy sets new digital directions and action plans that collectively harness the skills and knowledge of each sector of the Territory economy, as well as the community more broadly.

Digital technology will provide the jobs for the future, enabling businesses to transform and open up new economic opportunities for the Territory. It is crucial for Territorians to establish strong digital foundations, to enrich our business and social interactions, and to pursue success through digital excellence.

The digital directions will be progressed through a series of cohesive and structured initiatives that are refreshed annually. Success requires government, business and the community to work together towards a shared vision for the Territory's digital future.

Read the Digital Territory Strategy PDF (2.4 MB).

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