Everybody can contribute to delivering the strategy – the benefits and rewards of achieving our digital vision will advantage all Territorians.

Person wearing a virtual reality goggles headset


This first Digital Territory Strategy provides a framework to help Territorians gain the skills, knowledge and capabilities to not only keep pace but to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

The strategy encourages digital inclusion and leadership in order to grow a secure, connected and thriving digital economy and ensure Territorians and Territory communities are taking advantage of new technologies and are ready for the future.


In order to succeed, the strategy will need to be driven collaboratively by community, industry and government working in unison; as such, the digital directions contained in the strategy have been developed collaboratively, with the input of individuals and organisations from all sections of the community, from industry and business and from government.

To achieve our shared vision, we need:

  • A vibrant community that:
    • has the skills and confidence to make the most of digital opportunities
    • supports children and young people to take advantage of digital opportunities while understanding and managing the risks associated with being online
    • is engaged and connected locally, nationally and globally.
  • A dynamic digital industry that:
    • makes the most of innovation and new opportunities
    • provides essential expertise to support and grow the Territory economy
    • connects with and assists businesses and the broader community to harness digital advances and manages digital risks.
  • An engaged government that:
    • delivers efficient and targeted services to meet Territorians' needs, regardless of where they live
    • uses digital technology intelligently to create jobs, support economic development and improve Territorians' lives while helping to protect the community from digital risks
    • practices and drives a culture of openness, inclusion and innovation.
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