The actions form a key part of our digital transformation journey and support the strategy by identifying clear tasks and deliverables for government, business and the community so that we turn the vision into reality.

In order to deliver on the strategy's five directions, an annual Digital Territory Action Plan will be published. Actions will build capability aligned to the digital directions, strengthening the Territory's digital footprint and contributing towards realising the vision.

The actions within each direction will span across three phases of work, providing visibility of opportunities and initiatives over the coming years:

  • Deliver – The action has been designed and planned, and will be progressed within the reporting period, and evaluated on completion. Some actions will be delivered over multiple years or be ongoing.
  • Design – The action is being designed and refined, using information gathered during the explore phase. The action will be planned and prepared for delivery within the action plan reporting period.
  • Explore – The action is in a new or innovative area and will be researched and potentially piloted during the reporting period. The action will be analysed and readied for the design phase.

Read the Digital Territory Action Plan 2022-23 PDF (2.9 MB).

Previous Action Plans:

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