Digital Services Policy

The Northern Territory Government is committed to developing people-focussed digital services that are smart, secure and accessible

Key information

This is the current version of the statement as at 12/06/2019.

The Digital Services Policy outlines the principles for NT Government digital service development and delivery. The aim of the policy is to ensure digital services are designed to be simple, fast, smart and easily accessible.


The following principles apply when developing or replacing the NT Government’s digital services:

  • People centred - meet the consumers’ needs, ensuring responsive services that are simple to use, intuitive and clear.
  • One NTG - government digital services are consistent in presentation and operation providing people with a seamless interaction and a single view of government.
  • Secure - have necessary cyber security and privacy controls to protect people’s information and the government’s digital environment.
  • Accessible - by all people regardless of their ability and environment, including access via mobile devices.
  • Tell NTG Once - services exchange digital data where appropriate to save consumers’ time.
  • Adaptable - incorporate flexible service design and delivery that is responsive to people’s demands, usage patterns and modern devices.
  • Digital focus - encourage people to use digital services and provide access to government services, where reasonably able, to meet consumer requirements.

Digital services terms

  • Digital services are government services designed for the digital age that are simple, fast, smart and transacted digitally delivering benefit to individuals and organisations interacting with government. Digital services, being accessible via the Internet ensures free flowing and efficient transmission for government and its consumers.
  • Consumers are the customers accessing a digital service. They could be individual people or businesses from within the Territory, or may also include people and businesses outside of the Territory.
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