Digital Strategy Blueprint

Growing Business and Jobs

Key focus areas are:

  • Assist businesses to identify digital requirements for jobs and plan to enable Territorians to take up the jobs of the future.
  • Encourage Territory businesses to adopt digital capabilities through ICT industry leadership and support.
  • Enable business innovation and development of new digital solutions through making many government datasets open, accessible and free to reuse.
  • Support the local digital industry through working cooperatively to expand opportunities, share knowledge and attract digital specialists to supplement existing capacity in the Territory's dynamic digital sector.
  • Promote proactive cyber smart practices so NT businesses can better protect their reputation and viability.

Connecting Territory Communities

Key focus areas are:

  • Work with telecommunications providers and the Australian Government to improve communications infrastructure to remote communities and locations across the Territory.
  • Increase Territorians' access to digital services so everyone can be engaged and included in digital opportunities.
  • Investigate tailored digital communications and services that meet divergent community needs across bush and urban communities and recognising Aboriginal Culture.
  • Link communities with the ICT industry and digital entrepreneurs to develop new solutions to long-standing community problems.

Building Digital Skills

Key focus areas are:

  • Grow the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) capabilities of Territory children to ensure they have the digital skills needed for future careers or to create their own opportunities.
  • Develop Territorians' digital knowledge and skills to take up new opportunities in the digital industry in the Northern Territory or to find new and better ways of doing business.
  • Encourage people from all age groups, backgrounds and places across the Territory to expand their digital know-how to get the most from new technology and stay connected.
  • Establish cyber security and data science education opportunities to grow these specialised and in-demand skillsets.

Enabling Smarter Communities

Key focus areas are:

  • Encourage greater application of digital technology at the community level.
  • Make use of modern sensor systems and data analytics to better integrate activity and make it easier for people to live, work and move about in the community.
  • Leverage digital innovation to progress contemporary and eco-friendly transport options.
  • Improve community sustainability through digital advancements that encourage less energy and water use.

Improving Government Services

Key focus areas are:

  • Deliver modern government digital services that are customer-centric and simple to use.
  • Reform systems and establish government ICT applications on efficient and sustainable platforms.
  • Strengthen digital foundations for government and the community to effectively support and enable the digital transformation journey.
  • Maintain secure government systems to protect Territorians' data.
  • Make online identity verification transactions with government easy.

Read the Digital Strategy Blueprint PDF (1.1 MB).

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