Delivering the Strategy

Territorians are at the heart of this strategy – achieving the strategy's vision and directions will require commitment, collaboration and effort from the Northern Territory Government, business sector and community.

Over the next few years, the Office of Digital Government will work with all levels of government, the business sector, digital industry, non-government organisations and the community to maximise digital economic and social opportunities for the Territory.

Businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to design new digital experiences, tap into data, and create exciting new services or products.

In order to build, scale and sustain our digital environment we need to ensure we have robust, secure and responsive digital foundations that will underpin new technologies and innovations.

The skills, expertise and investment of the local digital industry, along with the broader local business sector, are integral to capitalising on the opportunities of digital transformation and innovation.

Territorians will be empowered to embrace new ways of conducting transactions and business and encouraged to challenge the status quo.

A person playing a game on a tablet.

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