The Northern Territory (NT) Government’s Digital Territory Strategy and Action Plan are essential to delivering government’s transformation priorities. The action plan is updated annually to ensure it remains contemporary in a fast-changing digital landscape.

The Fiscal Strategy Panel’s final report, A plan for budget repair: Final report, includes a focus on digital transformation for the NT public sector with seven agreed digital initiatives.

A core requirement in positioning government for an increasingly digital future is a skilled and highly capable digital workforce. This, in turn, depends on attracting more women into digital jobs.

In Australia, women represent only 29%* of the information and communications technology workforce. You have to ‘see it to be it’ so the more women in this field, the more women that will be attracted to consider digital careers.

Diversity of thought leads to better problem-solving, that equates to better tech products as a result.

Given the rising influence of technology on our lives, and the shortage of women employed across the sector, it was important for the digital strategy to promote the scope of roles and opportunities for transition into the industry.

Program development

Digital Futures was developed in consultation with the:

  • ICT industry
  • digital companies
  • non-government organisations and
  • NT Government agencies.

Supporting the coordination, promotion and development of the Digital Futures initiative, this group also included representatives from:

  • Education
  • Department of Trade, Business and Industry
  • Digital Strategy
  • STEM leaders
  • event coordinators and
  • the ICT Industry.

Digital Futures is supported by the Digital Territory Strategy and Action Plan. It was implemented to ensure that a diverse and meaningful initiative was developed to target and appeal to a range women and young people.

Showcasing the diversity of thought, it delivered innovative opportunities and demonstrations to inspire and incite interest in women and girls, to increase their digital skills and expand on their careers in a digital field.


Digital Futures events focus to inspire women of all ages and at all stages of their career to choose a digital career path. Speakers share their stories to inspire, create interest and motivate change. It is often the journeys of others that can have the greatest impact.

The first inargrual Digital Futures events was held in 2019 over 2 events on the same day:

  • My Path to Tech - for school students from years 9 to 11
  • Inspiring Women in to Technology - for women to hear from other highly respected leaders in their digital fields.

Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Digital Futures event had to be postponed to 2021.

2021 saw a new way of thinking. Delivery methods for the Digital Futures events were reassessed and split across 4 events.

The highlight of the events was the webinar.

To find out more about previous events, and who featured in them, visit the previous page.

The 2022 Digital Futures events will mirror the popular 2021 event formats. The first of 2022 having already taken place on International Women’s Day.

To see what is coming next in 2022 go to latest events.

*ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse 2021, page 25. 4.1 The current state of play

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