NT Open Data Portal

Open access to a broad range of Government data, to support digital innovation by allowing digital creators to freely use government data to develop new apps and digital services.


As well as supporting innovation, research and information gathering, readily available data also fosters a greater culture of transparency and accountability across Government as well as assisting with evidence-based policy development.

Key information

Northern Territory Government
Launched 29 May 2019

The Open Data portal is hosting a broad range of datasets, including:

  • NT Pastoral districts
  • NT Tourism data including free wifi traffic and user volume
  • Maps including NT Government controlled roads
  • Mobile Phone hotspots deployed by the Centre for Appropriate Technology
  • Maps and data about the Territory’s natural assets including NT Parks.

Datasets on the Open Data Portal are published under the Open Data Statement

Data is published and updated all the time, visit the website for the complete list of open datasets available to access and download.

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