Underwater drones protecting NT’s harbour

Date: 18 Nov 2021

Digital Direction: Enabling Smarter Communities

Using innovative technology to support Territory reefs and fish.

The Northern Territory Government is employing a high-tech underwater drone to help protect our iconic Territory fish and marine life from harmful aquatic pests.

The cutting-edge remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) takes monitoring to the next level, reducing the need for divers and providing a mobile camera capable of scanning large areas in limited time.

The drone will assist with biosecurity inspections of Darwin Harbour late in 2021 and has the potential to detect aquatic pest species on boat hulls, with a recent trial conducted at Cullen Bay. Researchers have also used the drone recently to monitor the development of Darwin’s hugely successful artificial reefs.

For more information about biosecurity or artificial reefs, head to Fisheries - Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

The video below was captured using the ROV. Please note there is no audio included with the video.

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