West Arnhem Land virtual reality experience


West Arnhem Land virtual reality experience.


Use virtual reality technologies to showcase the history, culture and the landscapes of West Arnhem Land, which tell the stories of local Indigenous people and provide viewers with 360 degree immersive experiences.


The virtual reality experiences, soundtrack albums and related materials have the potential to reach global audiences and boost tourism in the region. Revenue will be generated for participants through pay-per-view sales, advertising and fee-based performances.

Secondary students from the region are participating in the design, filming and production of the resources through education programs. These count as integrated learning subjects within the NT Certificate of Education and Training or as part of the 'Big Business' learning unit within 'Employment Pathways'.

2020 progress update

The Project has been completed and the full virtual experience is available for public viewing. The project showcases the Jabiru landscapes, incorporating spiritual experiences and stories of traditional landowners.

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