Upgrade the Police, Fire and Emergency Services digital radio network


Upgrade the Police, Fire and Emergency Services digital radio network in urban areas with modern industry standard technologies.


This initiative will upgrade the digital radio communications network used by NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services, St John Ambulance, and other NT Government and Federal agencies in urban areas to provide more reliable and secure communications for public safety and emergency services.

The upgraded network will use the P25 standard specifically developed for public safety services to support interoperability of communications equipment from different suppliers, and provide the capability for encryption and transmission of data over the network.


Reliable and secure radio communications are essential to provide public safety and emergency services in the Territory's urban areas.

2020 progress update

The project is well advanced:

  • Police: portable radios – 71% deployed; mobile (vehicle install) – 48% deployed.
  • Fire Service: portable radios – 66% deployed; mobile (vehicle install) – 23% deployed.
  • Emergency Services: portable radios – 24% deployed; mobile (vehicle install) – 5% deployed
  • St John Ambulance: portable radios – 38 have had software upgraded, 49 still to be completed, plus 63 still to be purchased by St John Ambulance; mobile (vehicle install) – 76 still require software upgrades.

P25 Core Software and Infrastructure at Peter McAulay Centre – upgraded on 6 April 2020 and continues to function as required. At the present time the issue of portables and installation of radios into vehicles is ahead of schedule.

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