Undertake a whole of government ICT systems stocktake


Undertake a whole of government ICT systems stocktake to identify the functions of each system, technology base, life cycle phase and interdependencies with other systems as recommended in 'A plan for budget repair – final report'.


A stocktake of ICT systems currently used in NT Government agencies will commence in 2020.

This stocktake will provide a clearer picture of the government's ICT environment to then inform decisions regarding enterprise architecture, compatibility and future investment.

The existing Business Applications Register will be used as a data source for the stocktake.


The information gathered in the stocktake will be used to develop roadmaps for major systems and identify opportunities to rationalise the number of systems across government.

The stocktake will also inform consideration of business priorities and investment needs.

2020 progress update

The ICT System Stocktake was completed in May 2020 and recommendations for system consolidation and rationalisation have been provided.

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