Trial smart parking in Darwin using digital technology


Prepare to trial smart parking in Darwin using digital technology to advise travellers of available parking and provide electronic payment options.


Following the trial of smart parking infrastructure in high volume parking areas in the Darwin CBD, the City of Darwin will plan to expand this digital service within targeted areas of the CBD.

A smarter parking app, using a combination of sensors and linked video camera technology, is planned. This will update the existing app to let people digitally pay for city parking.


The smarter parking app will improve driver experience when finding and paying for parking in the CBD.

Smart parking will deploy digital technology to help drivers navigate to available parking spaces that meet their needs and to pay digitally. This innovation will make parking more convenient and less hassle.

2019 progress update

Parking vacancy sensors and other car parking management technologies have been installed within the boundaries of the City of Darwin CBD. Testing and commissioning of the sensors and integration into the smart city platform is in progress and scheduled for completion in December 2019.

2020 progress update

Smart parking sensors have been installed and the cloud platform for analytics implemented. A live map with parking availability will be developed.

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