Trial location based solutions to improve data accessibility in very remote communities


Consider trialling effective and innovative location based solutions to reduce the digital divide through improving data accessibility in very remote communities.


This program will investigate technology and service models that could provide more effective and affordable data communications services for residents in very remote communities.

Trials will be considered to assess the performance, reliability and costs of potential solutions.


This program will build on the other remote telecommunications projects to enable more Territorians in very remote communities to access the data communications services already available to most other Australians.

2020 progress update

A study is underway to assess the feasibility of using satellite services to provide public wi-fi access in remote areas.

Update June 2021

The NTG and Field Solutions Group completed a successful submission to the Federal Regional Connectivity Program, and will now deliver new communications through the Telecommunications for Remote Aboriginal Communities (TRAC) project, a new action in 2021.

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