Tackle cyber bullying through education


Programs to prevent cyber bullying that are developed collaboratively between the NT and Commonwealth governments and provided to all schools. Schools also participate in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.


The digital world is providing a new arena for bullies to flourish, extending their reach and hiding their identities.

The NT Social and Emotional Learning curriculum provides children and youth:

  • the skills to manage their online behaviour and impacts
  • provide tips for avoiding bullies, reducing their influence and
  • highlight the support that is available.


This initiative will help to build the resilience of our children and reduce the opportunity for bullies.

2019 progress update

Through the delivery of both the NT Social Emotional Learning Curriculum and specific programs, such as the Dolly's Dream eSmart program, all Territory students are being supported to manage their online behaviour and its impacts.

In this reporting period, 50 NT Government schools participated in Dolly's Dream Connect workshops, bringing together teachers, students, parents and communities to improve cyber safety and tackle cyberbullying.

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