Source a customer-centric digital forms platform


Source a customer-centric digital forms platform that will enable Territorians to do more business with government online.


The NT Government has many hundreds of forms across agencies that are in varying stages of digitisation. To help agencies deliver online forms in a consistent way, a common digital platform is planned to be sourced and then made available to agencies in 2019.

Development work will align with the planned Digital Services Policy to make sure community needs are central to design and a consistent standard is applied.


The intention is to have digital forms that are simple and intuitive for users, not just electronic copies of paper forms.

People who transact with the NT Government will benefit through online access to intuitive forms with the ability to transact digitally and conveniently.

2019 progress update

A pilot project is concluding that has evaluated a potential platform, including servers, databases, interfaces, security requirements, ICT network and data linkages. Five pilot digital forms are being tested to refine the design and confirm the suitability of the platform.

2020 progress update

A contract was awarded for the use of the Intelledox electonics forms software in April 2020.

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