Report and track key government initiatives using a central digital solution


Design a central digital solution for reporting and tracking the progress of key government initiatives, which will improve and streamline agency reporting requirements.


The NT Government has multiple strategies and plans underway that require agencies to achieve milestones and need periodic tracking and progress reporting.

Reporting and monitoring activities are usually coordinated by the lead agency.

This initiative will create a central digital solution that can track multiple work streams across agencies, match and reference data and automate updates to meet a range of reporting requirements.


This initiative will improve productivity for agencies, enhance monitoring of government's major strategies and provide consistent and timely reporting to strengthen accountability.

2019 progress update

Digital solution designs based on an existing system were explored following a 'hackathon' event. A solution capable of effectively meeting all the requirements for a whole of government reporting system across all initiatives and programs is not presently available and would require substantial investment to establish.

This further project is on hold as it has a lower priority than other digital solution projects. The existing central system for monitoring and reporting on government commitments has been enhanced and upgraded to deliver initial reporting benefits.

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