Encourage digital careers through cross sector work readiness programs

Overview, benefits, and progress updates on the encouraging digital careers through cross section work readiness programs initiative.


Encouraging digital careers through cross section work readiness programs.


The ICT industry and government will develop new shared pathways to digital jobs for people seeking to enter the local industry.

Industry and government will work together to develop non-traditional and shared pathways to digital jobs through joint traineeship programs.

This will assist the industry to meet anticipated future workforce demand and create more digital jobs.

A combined working group will explore options to develop traineeships and/or work experience programs for entry-level digital jobs on a cost-share basis.

This will involve participants working in both industry and government on rotation, providing exposure to a range of digital jobs.


Opportunities for Territorians with different experiences and backgrounds to start a career in the digital industry will be examined.

2019 progress update

Discussions are progressing between ICT Industry, NTG and Group Training NT to design a traineeship program with rotations between ICT industry and NTG. The next steps are to identify priority 'gaps' within the industry and determine an approach and appropriate training to support the timely development of capacity in these areas and engage with Government and industry stakeholders to quantify interest and participation in the program.

Update June 2021

The NT Government and Digital Industry representative ICT NT have signed an MoU to trial a cross-sector digital traineeship program which will be tracked as a new action in 2021.

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