Commence the build phase for the Core Clinical Systems Renewal Program

Commence the build phase for the Core Clinical Systems Renewal Program.


Commence the build phase for the Core Clinical Systems Renewal Program (CCSRP).


The Core Clinical Systems Renewal Program will deliver a modern, integrated digital clinical system across all NT Health services.

The NT Government is making an investment in CCSRP of $259 million over five years. CCSRP is the NT Government's most significant, complex and pervasive digital transformation of frontline services.

The clinical system is being sourced from a leading international health software vendor, InterSystems. A local partner arrangement has been established between InterSystems and Dialog IT to ensure the local industry will benefit from this major program.

Following completion of the Implementation Planning Study in 2017-18, the solution build phase will progress over 2018-19 and conclude in 2021-22.


CCSRP will remove multiple aging legacy systems, provide digital health records across all NT Health services and facilitate improved client outcomes.

CCSRP will provide comprehensive digital information to clinicians at point-of-care across the spectrum of NT Government health services. This will enable better clinical servicing and lower risks.

CCSRP requires more than 100 new jobs over the life of the program. This necessitates engagement of extensive ICT professionals, working across multiple project streams and disciplines. Almost all engagements are through Territory enterprises with ICT professionals to be based in Darwin, providing significant value into the ICT industry, expanding local ICT capability and providing opportunities for upskilling over the program.

2019 progress update

The design phase for the CCSRP program is complete, incorporating over 4,600 detailed functional design requirements, developed in consultation with NT Health clinicians.

The vendor has commenced building the prototype of the system which has been given the name 'Acacia'.

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