Skills register for local film industry professionals


Implement the Reel Scout system for Screen Territory, to showcase NT locations. NT screen businesses and practitioners also will be able to register and promote online their area of expertise and experience in a particular screen craft.


The Reel Scout system will promote NT screen practitioners, screen businesses and unique locations to the domestic and international marketplace to attract productions to film and post in the Territory.

This includes attracting large budget US studios films.


Reel Scout will increase the opportunities for the local screen industry including increasing output of NT screen production and increasing job opportunities and revenue to the sector.

2020 progress update

In late 2019 Screen Territory joined ReelScout, a film-office business platform. ReelScout stores images of locations from screen agencies around the world, and provides a contact database for film producers, so anyone considering filming in the Territory has everything they need to know about Territory locations, facilities and the workforce at their fingertips.

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