Government consulted the local ICT industry, digital industry groups, government departments and members of the public. This included:

  • advice from the Ministerial ICT Advisory Council with an ICT Issues Paper submitted to the Economic Summits to inform discussion
  • two dedicated summit workshops for members of the local ICT industry, digital businesses and the ICT profession to input to the Territory Economic Development Framework
  • contribution to government's Infrastructure Strategy and 10 Year Infrastructure Plan
  • advice from government departments and research into the digital initiatives of other governments
  • collation of digital stories from across the Territory and
  • the community in general through a range of options, online, email and at Digital Strategy forums held in Darwin and Alice Springs.

The consultation

Developing a strategy provided the opportunity to engage local industry and the community in clarifying our combined aspirations for the Territory as a digital economy. The discussion paper was framed around the government's five priority areas of jobs, children, bush, community and trust.

Each priority sets the digital scene. A series of questions then followed about emerging issues and ideas and input were sought to consider ways we can harness technology into the future to:

  • help local businesses to thrive and create more jobs
  • strengthen government delivery of better services in the bush
  • support our children through their digital lives to take full advantage of emerging career opportunities
  • create and support safe, sustainable, vibrant communities
  • enable local ICT and digital industries to diversify and strengthen
  • improve accountability and restore trust in government.