Street parking is now more convenient at the Darwin Waterfront through the introduction of smartphone parking apps, saving users both time and money.

The Darwin Waterfront Corporation has introduced two parking apps; PayStay (also available in the City of Darwin) and EasyPark. Customers can choose whichever app they prefer based on their individual preferences and parking needs.

Once parked, users enter the parking area code (visible on parking signs and metres) or select it from the map in the app they are using. Users enter their vehicle registration number and start parking.

The apps can be used to send users notifications before the parking time is up, and can choose to extend their session (if the parking policy allows). When leaving the area, the user can click “stop parking” on the app and only pay for the time actually used.

Both apps are popular in other national and international jurisdictions, making them a convenient choice for visitors and tourist also.

All parking meters still accept credit card and cash/coin payments.

For more information about the apps and FAQ can be found on