Six Territory businesses have received $900,000 in government funding through the Digital Partnership grants program.

The program aims to provide co-funding to local businesses to develop digital innovations in partnership with ICT or digital businesses in the Territory that will build digital capacity, create jobs and boost economic growth.

The successful applicants are:

  • Warlpiri Media Aboriginal Corporation
  • Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association
  • Sterling NT
  • The Trustee for Paspalis Enterprise Trust
  • DEVA Darwin and
  • DICE.
Applicant Project titlePartner(s)Summary Project cost Grant funding
The Trustee for Paspalis Enterprise Trust DIH Computer Facility
  • One IT Services
  • Server Room Specialists
  • Charles Darwin University

DIH is establishing a world-class R&D facility which will:

  • ® Provide an on-ramp for big data IT R&D projects in the Northern Territory
  • ® Link regional outposts
  • ® Allow machine learning and AI capacity
  • ® Commercialise and demonstrate research Projects
  • ® Provide a range of virtual learning to other incubators
  • ® Enabling intra-territory collaboration across the city to the regions.
$259,720 $117,500
Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association Health Monitoring of Livestock in Holding Yards and Export Shipments
  • Aus Voltage Electrical
  • Provenance4 Pty Ltd

The welfare of livestock is paramount to not only producers but the Northern Territory Livestock and Livestock Export industry.

Provenance4 are utilising the QuantifiedAG Remote Livestock Health Monitoring solution to deliver real insights into the health of Livestock in Holding Yards and Export ships on their journey to overseas ports.

$129,928 $64,964
DEVA Darwin Pty Ltd Nightkey Redevelopment – Phase 2.0 Platform Redevelopment
  • Professional IT Solutions
  • One IT Services

NightKey is a state of the art, patent protected, Biometric Identity Management System.

With prior proven success in the hospitality industry, NightKey will be redeveloped to provide an open platform for use in multiple industries and to integrate in with other platforms, such as point of sale, loyalty programmes and targeted marketing.

$867,528 $200,000
Sterling NT Pty Ltd Water Smart Sensor System
  • Bluereef Technology
  • IVM Group

A revolutionary low-cost sensor system due to its broad range of applications (home gardens, parks, schools, commercial nurseries) and purposes (turf, trees, garden beds, containerised plants).

This smart scalable system connects via the cloud using 4G and Wi-Fi to improve water use efficiency, while increasing productivity and vegetation quality.

$400,000 $200,000
DICE (Aust) Pty Ltd Digital Access to Remote Renewable Energy Systems (DARRES)
  • New Future IT Pty Ltd
  • Balance Utility Solutions

The world is littered with the wreckage of remote renewable energy projects founded on good intentions, yet failed through lack of digital access.

The success of remote sustainable energy projects hinges on digital access.

This project will develop a digital solution to improve monitoring, maintenance and sustainability of renewable energy installations for NT's remote communities and businesses.

$237,104 $118,551
Warlpiri Media Aboriginal Corporation InDigiVR
  • Uber Air Pty Ltd
  • PAW Productions Pty Ltd

IndigiVR showcases the Territory's Indigenous sites, heritage and landscapes to audiences around the world.

Using cutting-edge digital technology, InDigiVR captures significant cultural places as fullyimmersive, photorealistic 360-degree experiences.

Then, by wearing commercially-available 3D VR headsets, viewers can explore those sites as if we were there in person.

$399,800 $199,900