Progressing actions set out in the Strengthening our Health System Strategy (2020 – 2025) in collaboration with NTPHN and AMSANT


Progressing the actions in the Strengthening our Health Systems Strategy (2020-2025) in collaboration with NT Primary Health Network (NT PHN) and Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT (AMSANT).


Northern Territory Health (NT Health), AMSANT and NT PHN have formed a collaborative partnership with a shared purpose to strengthen our health system through the increased use of digital health technologies enabling new ways of working.

The Strengthening Our Health System Strategy 2020-2025 sets out the vision and strategic goals, over the next five years, that aim to harness the collective skills and knowledge of all three organisations and bring together fragmented digital technology systems and processes for the benefit of Territorians.


The goal of the Strengthening our Health System Strategy is to strengthen the Northern Territory (NT) health system by connecting and integrating the way we deliver healthcare to all Territorians, no matter where they live.

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