Digital futures events

Encourage participation in digital careers through Digital Futures event.


Encourage participation in digital careers through Digital Futures events.


Following the success of the digital futures events, 'My Path to Tech' exhibition and 'Inspiring Women in Technology' in 2019, the 2020 digital futures events will again focus on encouraging secondary school students and women to consider pursuing careers in the digital sector.

Keynote speakers will share their career journeys and offer advice and inspiration to encourage young people and women to consider digital careers.

The events will also showcase the variety of roles and job opportunities offered by this growing sector of the workforce.


The events will encourage people from diverse backgrounds to pursue digital careers by highlighting the expanding range of skills and capabilities being sought by employers.

Increasing the numbers of people with digital skills will also ensure business and government have qualified staff required to support the digital transformation of their operations.

View a video showcasing this initiative of the Digital Territory Strategy.

2020 progress update

The Digital Futures event was rescheduled due to COVID-19 restrictions and will take place in May 2021, inspiring women in to technology.

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