Improving Government Services

Digital technology is changing Territorians' expectations when it comes to government service delivery.

A new generation of digitally savvy Territorians are demanding more sophisticated, streamlined and accessible people-centric experiences when using government services, with control over the departments and services they share their data with.

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Increasing the footprint of accessible, intuitive and mobile responsive online services is a priority for government and critical to the future of government services. Working to establish seamless interactions across integrated government services using a secure 'tell us once' approach will make the customer experience simpler and faster.

The client experience is central to designing online services and will take into account the unique community demographics in the Northern Territory. Customers are now being involved in solution focused co-design processes rather than just being service and product consumers. Code fairs, hackathons and crowd sourcing all place the customer at the centre of technology development.

Embracing the co-design process might mean government has to look at existing services differently and not just convert a process to an online form; rather the focus needs to be on designing the experience in a new way that suits the end user.

Government recognises the benefits that digital technology can deliver and is progressing an inclusive and streamlined digital reform agenda that will transform service delivery across many frontline government services from health and policing through to courts and licensing.

Digital transformation firstly requires government to have sound digital foundations that are robust, secure and responsive to ensure the digital disruption reforms are successful.

Much work has been done and there is much more to do, across agencies and with stakeholders to deliver solutions that are effective, intuitive, integrated and, most importantly, meet Territorians' needs.

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Action Plan

The strategy action plan outlines key projects and digital directions for the Northern Territory

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