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Digital technology is changing the Northern Territory's business environment and opening up opportunities in growth and emerging sectors of our economy.

Digital knowledge and innovation is key to keeping business operations efficient, developing new products and finding new markets. Harnessing opportunities from digital technologies requires a connected business sector, a proactive digital industry and a smart workforce.

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The Territory has an experienced, capable and active local ICT industry which primarily services government and the small business sector. There is also a growing and diverse local digital industry that extends from digital design and communications through to tech start-ups using drones, sensors and apps. The ICT Industry Association advocates on behalf of the local ICT industry to increase opportunities to supply services to government, including custom-building and maintaining ICT systems, which will assist local industry to deepen its skills base and improve commercial outcomes.

With small business owners' increasing reliance on digital technology to effectively conduct their business, the local ICT and digital industry is well placed; going beyond traditional ICT support roles and becoming valuable and trusted business partners, providing expertise and digital know-how that can transform small business. A dynamic and innovative digital services sector will underpin local businesses enabling economic growth across sectors.

To be able to take their place in an increasingly digital world, Territorians will need skills in areas such as robotics, sensors, data science, virtual reality and mobile technology. These jobs of the future will not be restricted by geographic location and the constraints that we have today which means digital technology presents extraordinary potential for remote and regional Territorians.

The government will work to support and encourage the business sector to capitalise on digital opportunities through appropriate policy settings including making government data openly and freely available for businesses and individuals to reuse. Government will continue to focus on increasing transparency, building trust and creating job opportunities.

The escalating threats to cyber security are a global concern and the NT is not immune. Cyber safe practices in the business and non-government sectors will be supported through education and awareness programs such as the NT Government Cyber Safety Awareness Program.

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Action Plan

The strategy action plan outlines key projects and digital directions for the Northern Territory

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