Connecting Territory Communities

The need to belong, communicate and connect with other people is fundamental to the human spirit.

In today's world, good connections require access to critical telecommunications infrastructure and online services. The Territory's relatively small and widely dispersed population across vast and remote land masses makes this kind of connectivity complex and expensive, but also potentially life-changing.

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Telecommunications have been central to the development of the Northern Territory since 1872 when the overland telegraph first linked Australia to the world.

Today, technological advances, particularly digital services, means we can reduce the tyranny of distance even further, allowing for better economic, social, health and educational outcomes.

Digital telecommunications and online services are fast becoming as essential as power for our homes and roads for transport.

Investments by the NT and Australian governments and telecommunications providers are seeing optic fibre links installed in all major regional centres and many remote communities, enabling more Territorians to access reliable mobile and broadband services.

These connections are becoming increasingly critical to the daily lives of Territorians, including in remote communities where being connected ensures people can access funds to buy food, fuel and power, keep in contact with family, and take up economic opportunities on their land.

However, there are still around 25,000 Territorians without internet or mobile access where they live (excluding satellite services) which means they have limited access to the social and economic benefits that digital technology can provide. The Australian Government is responsible for telecommunications and the NT Government continues to advocate strongly for more Federal investment in telecommunications infrastructure and services so all Territorians enjoy the same standard as other Australians.

Equitable access to digital technology and telecommunications will unlock new economic and job opportunities in regional and remote areas of the Territory, foster social and cultural connections and access to services, create opportunities to engage and collaborate with government and overcome our great distances and isolation.

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Action Plan

The strategy action plan outlines key projects and digital directions for the Northern Territory

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