Building Digital Skills

Digital knowledge and skills are an essential foundation for digital jobs, transformation and future success. A whole of community learning approach will be needed to reach our full potential.

Skills development is a common thread across each of our five digital directions. Digital learning is the foundation for capability development and shaping a digital-centric culture across our communities, with Territorians ready and skilled for the future.

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Digital technology is moulding and changing the jobs of the future. The emergence of disruptive technologies like 3D printers, drones, quantum computers, automation and robotics are already beginning to influence workplaces and sectors.

From an early age, there needs to be a focus on core subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) which are essential to building a digitally savvy workforce that the local business sector will need.

People in remote communities, women and girls, and those re-entering the workforce need opportunities and support to secure digital jobs, with tailored training to ensure success.

There are a range of digital skills required across a range of new and emerging fields including coding, computers and network management. These new fields won't only require technical skills; interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills such as collaboration, problem solving, creative thinking and leadership will also be critical.

Skills and learning are not just about jobs. There are broader social, safety and health benefits to be gained from helping people across the community to be more digitally savvy. Improving digital knowledge and confidence for vulnerable groups, such as senior Territorians, will enable people to access digital services and applications, remain actively engaged and keep in touch with family and friends.

Safety online and personal cyber security advice delivered through digital literacy programs will prepare new digital users and increase awareness and understanding of risks among digital users, as well as how to manage those risks and stay protected online.

Digital skills expansion will enable Territorians to be sought after, competitive and ready for the workforce of the future and be confident users in a technology driven world.

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Action Plan

The strategy action plan outlines key projects and digital directions for the Northern Territory

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