Achieved Phase 2018

Plan the implementation of SerPro

Improving Government Services


Plan the implementation of SerPro, a digital transformation program to support delivery of frontline police services.


SerPro is a multi-year digital transformation program that will deliver a contemporary, integrated digital policing solution replacing NT Police's aging legacy system.

Following completion of the procurement phase in 2017-18, the focus for SerPro in 2018-19 moves to implementation planning and solution design.

As with other major digital programs, locally based ICT professionals will be sourced from Territory enterprises wherever feasible to complete this program.


SerPro will support police in providing essential frontline law and order services to the Territory community.

Through integration, mobile access and expanded digital functionality, SerPro will make more information available to police in the field, reduce manual data input and automate data linkages. This will enhance productivity and assist police, leading to improved public safety.

Local ICT industry jobs will increase through use of ICT professionals over the program. This will provide upskilling opportunities to grow capability and economic value for the industry and the NT.

2019 progress update

Detailed implementation planning for the SerPro system was completed in January 2019 and the build phase is underway through a series of defined functional blocks.

Work to align SerPro with the Veritas digital courts program in the Department of Attorney-General and Justice has commenced.

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