Achieved Phase 2018

Plan for RTOs to deliver cyber security VET courses in the NT

Building Digital Skills


Plan approaches with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to deliver cyber security VET courses in the NT to increase the number of cyber skilled workers.


The expected growth in cyber security jobs requires fresh approaches to meet demand. This includes helping people from various backgrounds transition into the industry.

This initiative will examine ways to build cyber security VET training programs; either through new dedicated cyber security VET certificates or expanding/modifying the training content for existing certificates.


VET training will provide a pathway for entry into the cyber security industry that would not be feasible through only higher education entry points.

This will allow more trained and knowledgeable people to fill the expected future cyber security jobs and will grow the digital workforce.

2019 progress update

CDU has secured funding for a VET cyber security laboratory and plans to introduce a Certificate IV in Cyber Security in 2020 using a national course developed in collaboration with key industry sectors.

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