Achieved Phase 2018

Revise the ICT Services Contracting Model

Growing Jobs and Business


Revise the ICT Services Contracting Model used for sourcing NT Government ICT services to meet government needs and encourage local participation.


The NT Government has a central approach for sourcing ICT services that provides scale, consistency and efficient outcomes while encouraging and facilitating strong local industry involvement.

Following industry, supplier and agency consultation, a revised model was developed in 2016. Stakeholder engagement for the next iteration of the model will commence in 2018-19.


This model is re-examined and refined regularly to ensure it is meeting government's needs, focusing on local industry participation and aligning with the digital business environment.

Government ICT Services contracts managed by DCIS provide substantial local employment benefits, with 255 locally-based workers delivering services to government and over 90% of contracts held by Territory enterprises.

2019 progress update

Extensive engagement with industry is conducted prior to the renewal of each major ICT services contract including workshops, release of concept papers and publication of draft tender scopes of work.

Enhancements adopted for the most recent contracts include simplified contract terms and conditions, streamlined contract management and compliance reporting, with an increased emphasis on service performance and less focus on resource levels for service-based contracts.

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