Achieved Phase pre 2018

Leading renewable energy projects advancing local knowledge

Enabling Smarter Communities


Leading renewable energy research and development projects are advancing local knowledge.


A range of Territory renewable energy research and development projects have been progressed to build local knowledge and explore opportunities, including:

  • cost-effective maintenance of remote hybrid mini-grid systems (Charles Darwin University)
  • modelling future solar energy production from households and businesses in the greater Darwin area (Charles Darwin University)
  • creating an investment grade renewable resource database to facilitate scaling of renewables in the NT (CfAT)
  • researching bioenergy for PV hybrid electricity generation (Charles Darwin University).


The projects represent significant research into effective ways to share data and use eco-friendly digital technologies to support innovation that can lead to commercial opportunities for local business.

The research effectively uses digital technology in capturing and analysing data which will assist in finding ways to develop sustainable energy solutions for the NT. There is potential to gain long term environmental and economic benefits from the research outcomes.

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