Achieved Phase 2018

Build on the outcomes from the Remote Telecommunications Ideas Exchange

Connecting Territory Communities


Build on outcomes from the Remote Telecommunications Ideas Exchange to find sustainable solutions for better and more affordable internet access in regional and remote areas.


New concepts and innovations that emerge from the Remote Telecommunications Ideas Exchange can be further explored by the telecommunications industry for technical, commercial and customer suitability.

The Australian Government has responsibility for telecommunications and should have an active role in finding solutions for remote internet access and an interest in contributing to this initiative.

Current internet plans are set-up for and work well in urban centres where households have a modem installed and a monthly download allowance.

This model does not suit remote communities where very few houses have modems, committing to a data plan is not feasible and NBN is only available via satellite.


Initial ideas from the Exchange can be examined for technical and economic viability by telecommunications experts. This will hopefully progress some concepts to the next stage of design and maintain a focus on finding practical solutions.

This can potentially lead to an increased take up of fixed internet services in remote areas, allowing residents to have internet access and costs similar to those enjoyed by other Australians.

Digital entrepreneurs may be encouraged to create innovative remote communications solutions.

2019 progress update

An examination of available products from telecommunication providers is underway. Discussions have commenced with NBN Co regarding the development of consumer products that are suited to use by residents in remote communities.

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