Achieved Phase 2018

Plan an NT Government open data portal

Growing Jobs and Business


Plan an NT Government open data portal that makes government datasets available to the community online through a single, user friendly portal.


Scope an NT Government open data portal for publishing high value government datasets in a central location. This will make data easily accessible for Territorians, researchers and businesses to use to innovate and create new business opportunities.

There are around 500 NT Government datasets already publicly available, although they are in different locations and of varying quality.

Preparatory work will progress over 2018-19 to register datasets and enable government agencies to be ready for the portal which is scheduled for 2020.


An open data portal will improve accountability and facilitate digital innovation by allowing digital creators to freely use government data for new apps and digital services.

The portal will make it easier for interested users to find and access NT Government data free of charge.

Government will release an open data policy before establishing a central portal to set the parameters for agencies and inform data users.

2019 progress update

The NT Government Open Data Portal was launched on 24 May 2019, earlier than scheduled.

At its launch the portal had 250 datasets published, allowing industry and the community to analyse non-sensitive data and join it with other data sources to gain new insights and enhance services. Datasets will continue to be added as they become available for publication from agencies.

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