Explore Phase 2018

Investigate refresh options for the NT Government's website

Improving Government Services


Investigate refresh options for the NT Government's main website, nt.gov.au, with a focus on improving user experience.


The NT Government established a central website (nt.gov.au) in 2015-16 to make it easier for people to find government information.

The site requires improvement to make navigation easier, update the central search engine and enhance mobile compatibility.

Design and engagement work will progress in 2018-19 to confirm user expectations and identify and scope requirements in detail.


This website is government's main presentation to the online world and needs to positively reflect the NT in terms of presence, accessibility and content.

Site users will benefit from being able to quickly access reliable and complete information.

2019 progress update

The nt.gov.au website has been refreshed with a focus on improving usability and user experience. Ongoing enhancements and new features will continue to be implemented on the site.

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