Achieved Phase 2019

Online portal for procuring ICT specialist services

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Develop an online portal for requests for quotations and notification of awarded work for services procured under government's ICT Specialist Services Contract.


An online portal is being developed to manage the procurement of agency work requests under the ICT Specialist Services panel contract online and with improved visibility.

The portal will allow the public and panel members to view the list of businesses on the panel, services being sought and work awarded, as well as enabling contractors to lodge their bids online.

Should this first panel contract use be successful, it is expected that the online portal technology model will be adopted for many of the NT Government's panel contracts.


The portal will provide a more modern, efficient and transparent way for government to procure ICT specialist services.

For businesses on the panel, the portal will provide a simpler way to received work requests and submit their responses to these requests.

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