Achieved Phase 2018

Identify future mobile phone hotspot sites

Connecting Territory Communities


Identify future mobile phone hotspot sites to expand mobile services in rural and remote areas.


Following successful mobile hotspot programs in Central Australia and the Top End, further work will be progressed to identify suitable remote sites in the NT for future installations.

Technical investigation of mobile signal strength is required and needs to be aligned with related infrastructure (roadside rest areas, tourist sites), likely usage, costs and other priorities in remote areas to determine feasible installation options.


Mobile hotspots enable mobile signal to be received over far greater distances, providing connection benefits for travellers, both locals and visitors.

This investigative work will look at site options and feasibility to ensure the success of any future installation program.

2019 progress update

Sites for the next set of mobile phone hotspots have been identified with the Centre for Appropriate Technology who will install them in 2019-20 under a grant agreement.

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