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Interactive digital skills development programs sparking students’ interest

Building Digital Skills


Interactive digital skills development programs sparking students' interest across the Territory.


Digital skills development programs are engaging and upskilling students across the Territory. The programs include:

  • Skills 2021 – showcasing cutting-edge technology, 3D design, robotics, gaming and coding to school students
  • RoboCup Junior – around 500 Darwin primary school students and over 90 students from town camps near Alice Springs have recently participated in international RoboCup competitions programming robots to dance, rescue or play soccer
  • CDU Code Fair – challenged university students to apply digital technology to new apps, designs and products; solve problems innovatively; and linked students with employers.


Children are engaged and inspired to take up STEAM subjects through creating technology, including games and robotics. Students build readiness for digital job opportunities, and skills needed to be successful in the 21st century.

Digital skills are a foundation for future digital advancement, both personally and as a community. Digital skills are more than coding, and extend to critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication.

The programs provide exposure to new technology and fun hands-on learning opportunities for children, youth  and mature students.

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