Achieved Phase 2018

Design an integrated child protection and youth justice digital solution

Improving Government Services


Commencing ICT program for a modern, integrated child protection and youth justice solution that improves outcomes for Territory children and families.


This program incorporates a new core case management system along with a data exchange and analytics solution.

Government is investing $64 million over four years into this program which represents the third major frontline digital transformation initiative and will assist to deliver on key recommendations from the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory.

A public tender for the core system will be released in 2018-19 applying government's Buy Local Policy to encourage local industry involvement, with ICT professional skills to be sourced locally through Territory enterprises to the maximum extent.


This digital solution will provide real time data to give frontline child protection workers the information they need to make decisions regarding the safety of vulnerable children. The system will incorporate mobility, portal and business intelligence functions that will provide timely information to workers both at their desk and in the field.

2019 progress update

The functional requirements for an integrated Child Protection and Youth Justice system have been identified as part of the Client Management Systems Alignment (CMSA) program for Territory Families. The procurement of a new system and analysis of requirements for related business systems is in progress.

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