Achieved Phase 2018

Increase the cyber security capacity and capability of the NT Government

Improving Government Services


Increase NT Government's cyber security capacity and capability to better protect systems and data from cyber-attacks.


The cyber security threat landscape is escalating, with the volume and sophistication of cyber threats growing exponentially.

The NT is not immune from cyber-attack and preparation is essential. The NT Government's cyber security capability is being improved to strengthen cyber security controls, incident detection and response measures and analytical capacity.

Planning will commence for a cyber security operations centre to improve responsiveness.


NT Government's extensive datasets and thousands of systems and devices will be better protected, providing greater security of Territorians' data and enabling government services to continue uninterrupted.

While it is not possible to be completely protected and some attacks will succeed, early detection and prompt action can minimise damage.

Stopping or reducing the impact of cyber-attacks avoids substantial rectification costs and limits the impact on the community and business.

2019 progress update

New technology measures are being implemented to restrict the use of unapproved software on government computers. Work to increase awareness of cyber security risks is being progressed, with additional effort and resources being applied to enhance cyber security response capabilities.

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