Achieved Phase 2018

Expand remote connectivity to improve access to education

Connecting Territory Communities


Expand remote connectivity to improve access to education and other services for remote Territory children.


The NT Department of Education has maintained a STARS satellite network for many years to assist rural and remote students to access education.

The department is working with stakeholders on solutions to improve and expand remote connectivity, including using the STARS satellite network to provide better access to education, health and other government services.


In bush locations, particularly where there are no mobile phone or internet services, this satellite network provides vital connections for children to be educated.

Opportunities to broaden and better utilise this network will provide additional benefits to students living in remote locations.

2019 progress update

The Department of Education is working with partners to continually improve remote connectivity and completed the first phase of a trial NBN Skymuster satellite service to replace the existing STARS satellite service in 2018.

This trial was successful and findings have informed the next project phases which aim to enhance remote connectivity in distance education and for remote schools and students.

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