Achieved Phase 2018

Improve the resilience of government’s ICT network and service delivery

Improving Government Services


Improving resilience of government's ICT network and service delivery through a dual data centre mode.


Government's data centre refresh program will improve ICT network resilience and reduce business risks.

Government has a data centre refresh program underway that will result in two contemporary data centres – a new primary facility and a local back-up data centre.


This initiative is part of a multi-year works program and will procure space in an industry-standard commercial data centre facility in Darwin to meet back-up data management needs. The project will move into the commissioning phase in 2019.

Relocating from the Chan Building will enable better use of this central site as part of Darwin CBD revitalisation plans. It will locate critical data centre operations in more suitable secure sites.

2019 progress update

A contract has been awarded for backup data centre services with the transfer of secondary computing requirements to be completed by mid 2020. The dual data centre model will provide redundancy for critical systems and enhance data backup services.

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