Deliver Phase 2018

Improve the BushTel application

Connecting Territory Communities


Improve the BushTel application and make it easier for people to find the information they need about remote communities online.


BushTel is a comprehensive government web service that has long been regarded as a valuable source of data on remote NT communities.

BushTel publishes detailed community profiles, news and events along with advice on remote travel and engagement with communities to assist visitors and businesses.

The NT Government will enhance BushTel and make it easier for users to find the information they need online.


Enhancements to BushTel will help government and non-government organisations deliver services to over 700 remote Aboriginal communities.

2019 progress update

Recent additions to the BushTel site including the display of all visiting medical services to remote communities, a community directory which provides contact details of Organisations with a shopfront as well as contact details to Community Development Officers for each location.

Further enhancements to the BushTel site are currently being assessed through a BushTel Enhancement Project which looks to continue the development of the site to ensure greater knowledge sharing and coordination of remote information.

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