Achieved Phase 2018

Implement the Digital Technologies learning area across NT schools

Building Digital Skills


Implement the Digital Technologies learning area and the ICT capabilities of the Australian Curriculum across NT schools to establish foundational digital capability.


It is now well accepted that children need to have STEM knowledge and digital skills to position them to compete for rewarding careers in the future jobs market.

For some years the gap between Australian students with STEM skills and the demand from employers for people with STEM knowledge has been widening. Efforts are being devoted at multiple levels to reduce this gap.

With children's natural curiosity engaged through fun digital activities, this initiative follows through with STEM education and ICT learning to build digital capability foundations that are rapidly becoming essential.


This key initiative builds core digital skills for Territory students and underpins or links with other digital skills initiatives.

The Digital Territory Strategy clearly presents the need for STEM education to help children develop essential digital skills for future jobs.

For Territory children to be work ready in a few years, learning STEM will be a foundational capability.

2019 progress update

All NT Government schools are implementing the Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies learning area.

With guidance from the Digital Technologies in Focus Project with the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), schools have developed whole school plans to enhance digital skills of staff and students.

Teachers have also had the opportunity to build their skills in teaching Digital Technologies using online courses developed by the Computer Science Education Research group at the University of Adelaide.

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