Achieved Phase 2018

Introduce a Digital Services Policy for government

Improving Government Services


Introduce a Digital Services Policy for government ensuring NT Government's digital services are customer focused, consistent and convenient.


The Digital Services Policy, which is expected to be issued in the third quarter of 2018, will set out government's expectations for agency development of digital services. Consumer needs will be at the centre, with a consistent, single government model that reuses data where appropriate and is designed for easy mobile access.


NT Government digital solutions and services will place Territorians at the centre of service delivery.

Moving government transaction services online will provide benefits to both citizens and government. These include better quality services, convenient access anywhere at any time, lower costs, faster delivery and a consistent standard.

2019 progress update

The Digital Services Policy specifying service design principles and solution development protocols for NT Government agencies to provide smart, secure and accessible people-focused digital services was published September 2018.

The Digital Service Standard specifying the accountability requirements and controls to apply the Digital Services Policy was adopted in February 2019.

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