Achieved Phase 2018

Enhance government's infrastructure asset management system

Improving Government Services


Enhance government's infrastructure asset management system ASNEX with additional functions.


While ASNEX has already modernised and improved NT Government infrastructure asset management, a program of functional enhancements will be progressed addressing any new or changed business requirements to ensure the solution remains useful and contemporary.

Local ICT professionals will continue to be employed to create enhancements, maintaining a level of ongoing work and jobs in the industry and ensuring ASNEX remains responsive to business needs.


ASNEX supports the efficient delivery of government's asset and infrastructure programs.

Further productivity benefits, more use of spatial data capability and expanding datasets to support government decision making are anticipated in coming years.

2019 progress update

Multiple enhancements have been implemented in ASNEX this year, including a road reporting app, improvements to the ASNEX portal and asset view modules, and upgraded security functionality.

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