Achieved Phase 2018

Plan a digital communications network in Darwin CBD

Enabling Smarter Communities


Progress planning and design of a digital communications network in the Darwin CBD.


A high capacity city-wide digital communications network will facilitate new digital developments and enhance smart city technology initiatives that form the Switching on Darwin project. This network will also support CCTV, red light cameras, facial recognition technology and extended wi-fi coverage.


The digital communications network will ensure the Switching on Darwin project is scalable and can evolve as city needs change.

Establishing a high capacity network will also allow new digital opportunities to be identified, such as enabling connectivity to CBD businesses.

It will position the Territory as an attractive, secure and scalable location for corporations to locate their offices with direct connectivity into south-east Asia.

2019 progress update

The City of Darwin has deployed a multi-tiered communications network allowing the council to plug in multiple smart technologies to meet the emerging needs of the council and the community.

The network provides:

  • high bandwidth connections for High Definition CCTV devices and Wi-Fi access points
  • medium bandwidth connections for public lighting controls, sensors and audio speaker systems for broadcasting ambient music and
  • low bandwidth connections for smart parking monitors and the capture, transmission and analysis of an array of data points.

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