Design Phase 2018

Develop job pathways and support for Territory women and girls in the digital sector

Growing Jobs and Business


Develop job pathways and support for Territory women and girls in the digital sector, particularly in the local ICT industry, helping to foster a more gender balanced workforce.


Following the Inspire Women in Technology summit, opportunities will be sought for local digital industry champions and partners to take lead roles in increasing employment and career options for Territory women.

The NT ICT industry will work with educators and government over 2019 to gather baseline data on ICT jobs and design job pathways that will encourage and enable women to take up digital jobs.

An industry commitment to a targeted increase over five years that improves gender parity will be sought.

An informal support network will be created to share information, coach and mentor women in the industry or those looking to start a digital career.


Increasing female participation in the male dominated ICT sector will benefit the industry and all digital professionals by expanding the resource pool and bringing a wider range of skills and experiences to the workplace.

The benefits to industry, business and workers that arise through greater diversity and gender balance have been proven across multiple industries.

Establishing baseline data and growth targets will allow the local ICT industry to measure its success.

A supportive network will encourage women and open up interesting and challenging job opportunities for women in high income roles that will be more certain and sustainable as the jobs market continues to evolve.

2019 progress update

Preliminary discussions have taken place with industry representatives on collating baseline data on ICT jobs and potential pathways for women.

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